Virtual IT Department or In-House IT?

Technology is everywhere and very few organisations can operate today without some form of internet and computing technology. Increasingly we're seeing interaction with government, suppliers and customers in the digital space, and while there are many benefits there are also some serious risks to consider.

The Computer Guys are problem solvers, but more importantly we are strategic thinkers. We pride ourselves on long term relationships with clients, some spanning decades, where we not only solve day to day issues but also work together to ensure the best services to our customers customers.

Are the following strategic questions on your mind...

  • Cloud or On-premise?
  • Virtual IT or In-House IT?
  • Should I upgrade, replace or wait?
  • What if disaster strikes?
  • What is my IT Budget?

Do the following problems frustrate you...

  • WiFi drops or weak in some areas
  • Information is duplicated everywhere
  • Why is this computer so darn slow

Who are The Computer Guys, well they're over there on the right of the page. You've got Eddie Email, Sally Software, Harry Hardware, Danny Defender, Billy Backup and Freddie Firewall. Each one and expert in their field with trusted products and services that scale from the home based startup to the multi-national enterprise.